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Review: Waves of Mercy by Lynn Austin

by Lynn Austin

In the 1840s, tensions are running high in the Dutch Netherlands when groups of separatists leave the church in order to worship God in their own way. When teenaged Geesje’s home is vandalized, soldiers come to live with her and her family. The soldiers do not believe the same way that Geesje and her family believe, yet soon she finds herself falling in love with Hendrick, who is becoming interested in her family’s beliefs. The two make plans for the future, yet when Geesje’s family hear about the religious freedom, as well as inexpensive unsettled land in America they decide to move there. Geesje is heartbroken by her separation from Hendrick, though he plans to move to America as soon as possible. When tragedy strikes, Geesje must make some difficult decisions about her future.

Fifty years later, Anna Nicholson is facing similar choices. Raised in Chicago’s high society, Anna knows that she is expected to marry well. Yet her fiancé does not share her new found beliefs and grows tired of her questions about God and the bible. After breaking her engagement, Anna and her mother go to Michigan in order for Anna to sort through her feelings. While there, she meets Derk, a seminary student who works at the hotel Anna and her mother are staying at. As Anna begins speaking with Derk, she tells him about her nightmares and the fears she has for the future. Soon she finds that he may hold answers to her questions not only about the future, yet also about her past.

I really liked this book. There are a lot of layers to each woman’s story, but everything ties together really well. It was interesting to see the ways that their stories intertwine. The book has many twists and turns. I continually guessed at what was going to happen next as I read and was very surprised by many of the outcomes. The book is well written and poignant, with many layers of trials and sadness, yet also wrapped in hope and rooted in faith.

All in all, Waves of Mercy is a book that I really enjoyed. I would recommend this book to any fan of Christian historical fiction.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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