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Review: Fly Away Home by Rachel Heffington

by Rachel Heffington

In 1952, Callie Harper is living the life in New York City. Only her life isn’t what she’d thought it would be. Having grown up in the depression era, she’s like a lot of women in her generation; she wants glitz and glamour. Star studded parties, elegant gowns, and a ritzy apartment is what she dreams of. Yet as a journalist, she’s stuck on the ninth floor of St. Evan’s Post in an office with no air conditioning, writing obituaries. Until the famous journalist Wade Barnett comes to the office and offers her a job. Callie excitedly accepts the job, thinking her key to the charmed life is right round the corner. She thinks Mr. Barnett’s idea for a magazine to be a little insane in the beginning, yet she slowly starts to see the vision coming together. The two have fun as they work on Ladybird Snippets, yet once they spend time together outside of work, they butt heads. When someone from Callie’s past returns threatening her with secrets, she must make a hard decision; ruin Mr. Barnett’s reputation, or ruin her own.

This was a really fun book. It was lighthearted, but had a lot of depth. The writing was spunky and fun and the characters were full of life. Callie was a very real character; she wanted everything in her life to be perfect, but as we all know, there’s such thing as a perfect life. And I liked Wade Barnett; he was pretty nice guy.

The whole book had a unique feel to it; like a black and white movie in book form. I could practically smell the vintage perfume and see the red lipstick and beautiful dresses. I really enjoyed that aspect.

Fly Away Home was a fun Christian historical novel. I’d recommend this book to any fan of Christian fiction, as well as those that love the 1950s.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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